Earth rotating in space

Earth circling the Sun in space

Galaxies moving through space

So, if you are in space then space is time.

To escape time is to escape from space.

Near the centre of our galaxy, two gigantic computers of a metaphysical kind operate the bracelets on the wrists of Jim and crew. The crew  flung into extraordinary worlds where the laws of physics change entirely.

The journeys include other dimensional realities some being beyond our belief in a parallel universe. The exciting adventures of leaving the physical form behind and living in an energy mirror body in the celestial realms. Travel now with Jim Long in the 7 book series containing standalone stories.  

In the worlds of Jim Long, space agent, many dimensional realities are in another out of time existence. That means you are no longer on a material planet or in space, for space is time.



There is plenty of science fiction fantasy to astound you. You will be amazed. Young  adult readers and others will be taken to places that will thrill your imagination and swirl your creative instinct. Thrill to the journeys of the Galactic Craft venturing through space and other solar systems. Exciting JL-SA visions. The incredible landscapes and seascapes – the supernatural eerie encounter of an ocean suspended in the air by gravity – celestial aliens & cities and beings of energy – visit the edge of space or physical existence – religion twisted to planet domination – the multiverse revealed – a planet of psychic horror & disaster. All this showed as you thumb through the pages of Jim long space agent exploring the known and unknown areas of the galaxy. Buy your copy of JL-SA now. Hear the first episode of Jim long chased by a deadly unknown entity in a twenty-minute radio drama. ......Listen to JL-SA podcast.

You can download now two PDF ebooks – the Jim Long agency handbook introducing the galactic craft and ancillary equipment used in this futuristic empire near the centre of our galaxy. Discover the spiritual terraforming by the Ancient Beings of light with weather creating stations and the different dimensions discovered. Observe the various ranks of the galaxy police and snippets from his diary. Download JL-SA Handbbook. There is also a FREE bonus ebook, a Jim Long mini-story of fifteen pages. Thrown into a strange dimension of reality, things are not what they seem. Download your copies now – just put your email in the section below. Do not miss this extraordinary series of six books and another one on the way named -The Aberrant Creation. Look into the JL-SA future.

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