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You will be amazed. The stories will take you to places that will thrill your imagination and swirl your creative instinct. Thrill to the journeys of the Galactic Craft venturing through space and other solar systems. The incredible landscapes and seascapes – An ocean suspended in the air by gravity – celestial cities and beings of energy – visit the edge of space or physical existence – religion twisted to planet domination – the multiverse revealed – a planet of psychic disaster. All this showed as you thumb through the pages of Jim long space agent exploring the known and unknown areas of the galaxy. Hear the first RADIO episode of Jim long chased by a deadly unknown entity in a twenty-minute radio drama. You can download now two PDF ebooks – the Jim Long handbook introducing the galactic craft and ancillary equipment used in this futuristic empire near the centre of our galaxy. Discover the spiritual terraforming by the Ancient Beings of light with weather creating stations and the different dimensions discovered. Observe the various ranks of the galaxy police and snippets from his diary. There is also a FREE bonus ebook, a Jim Long mini-story of fifteen pages. Thrown into a strange dimension of reality, things are not what they seem. Download your copies now – just put your email in the section next to the video. Do not miss this extraordinary series of six books and another one on the way.

TAKE ACTION NOW What the reviewers said about Jim Long Space Agent The story is compelling - The alternate universe  he has created is very interesting (White Hole) Conard Tigard -Bookbrowser IDAHO ‘A clever idea- a terrorist suspense  thriller-(Divine Fanaticism) ‘Interrogation -  masterly piece of  dramatic exposition compared with the  parable of the Grand Inquisitor in Brothers  Karamazov.’  Aesop Editorial - (Divine fanaticism) Should appeal to all ages.

The Battle of the Archangels is an amazing ride through

the astral world. Although it's the fifth book in the Jim

Long series, it totally stands alone and readers like me

(who have not YET read the previous four) can not only

asily  follow the storyline but will develop a kinship with

the hero, Jim Long. You can feel the author's respect for

the sci-fi/fantasy genre in every word. The action is

awesome as Jim Long goes deep into dark areas of

malevolent hought and emotion to explore the

relationship between God, man and Archangels.

Terrific read!  - Amp -Philadelphia

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Metaphysical and visionary - Featuring Book 4 -Divine Fanaticism Update 13-JUNE-2020 BUY YOUR PDF eCOPIES & paperbacks from THIS SITE For IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD A NEW CONSEPT in SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY... ...A CREW travelling through the ...Moving from THE BODY to other A STARTLING NEW PERCEPTION REALITY is EVERYWHERE... Do you thrive on your imagination?  Do you watch all the science fiction fantasy films  you can?  Do you want to know the future?  Have you an affinity for films like Avatar -  Dr Strange -  Star Wars  - Star Trek ? Do you believe the afterlife  and other realities? THEN YOU NEED TO READ JIM LONG SPACE AGENT BOOKS JIM LONG SPACE AGENT 7 BOOK SERIES INNER & OUTER REALITIES... of THE FUTURE most of it YOU CANNOT SEE. ENDLESS VOID of SPACE... Is there a feeling of curiosity  regarding the energy mirror body? Jim Long Agency Handbook PLUS Mini-story MENUE From the author ADVENTURE, THRILLS and  OTHER DIMENSIONAL REALITIES Scroll down to hear NEW RADIO EPISODE