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LiveLink As of now, YOU are going  to experience ASTOUNDING QUANTUM  CHANGES in YOUR LIFE?

This period will be exceptional. Never before have we reached an age of computers with AI and quantum exploration. There is to be a long period of enlightenment for all on earth. You are about to witness the changes that will considerably alter our lives and the way we live. Nothing in our short history can equal the acceleration and transition that is about to overtake us.


Yes, very much like the matrix, but without robots and androids. Our creators are superior life entities that flow within and alongside the essence of life. They are without form or substance, neither solid nor spirit. The living creation constructed as a substantial, profound, sophisticated mathematical plan. Did you know that physical reality is split into 2 sections, organic and inorganic? The inorganic is the simulated world.

The QUANTUM THEORY leans toward  the MULTIVERSE?

The multiverse is holistic in design, filled with material and ethereal energy. All the realities coexist together at the same time operating on different frequencies. Other dimensions can be explained as three sources; different and strange worlds of a unique nature. Two: as parallel worlds to our own. Three: the universe of the spirit is vast with many areas and compartments.


They reveal strange drawings from our past and carvings that defy explanation. These alien life forms visited Earth thousands of years previous and caused massive changes. When seen by our ancient ancestors, they were given a divine presence because of their advanced technology

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