Ad12-P2-update 4-July- 2020 JIM LONG - SPACE AGENT NEW SCI-FI FANTASY CONCEPT. Move at AMAZING SPEED through  the galaxy with Jim & crew Travel with Jim in another dimension of speed that  compensates   going forward  by pushing the time back leaving you in the same  time zone throughout.
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“Hello, all you fans of science fiction & fantasy. Join with me in something new and exciting. If you need life to mean much more than your three-dimensional time on earth, come on in, release and open your mind to the imagination soon to become fact in future years. Why don’t you journey with me through Jim Long to other coexisting universes in both inward & outer space.”  

Author Robin G Howard READ NOW & WITNESS, ENJOY in  AMAZEMENT the MULTIVERSE “Scientist now know there is a thing called superposition in the brain.  A quantum source in every human mind. This divine essence can  take you from this world in thought where you can be in two places  at once.“

 “In my view, it is because of its near infinity in size. We only know what is near to us and see distance through telescopes. This creation means that we cannot travel far in body but could in mind if allowed. To me, it is nothing like the Matrix film where humanoids are also created. Created, yes, but as biological units in the human and alien form to fit in the mathematics creating the scenarios. We are all in a basic energy spirit form that arrives on earth with a short life span and then departs to be then reformed in another physical life form devoid of memory.

James Gates, a physicist at Maryland university who took part in these discussions, discovered strange, error-correcting codes deep in the equations of supersymmetry.  These are found in our computers. Another participant, Max gates, a cosmologist at MIT, probes the universe as mathematics.  Supersymmetry  is the quantum mathematics used as the basis for theories of gravitation that envelops everything.  In my mind to have error-correcting codes in the atmosphere around us does lead to the supposition of computer simulation.”

SCIENTISTS in the 21st CENTURY are now DISCUSSING whether  the UNIVERSE is a SIMULATION. CLICK HERE Number 7 - Not Available as yet Get a free book all you have to do is join  my review team email -