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JIM LONG SPACE AGENT - Episode 1 Cast & Credits Jim Long - Aaron Birks Gail Farmer - Kelly Hayes Norman Clark - John Cabrera Computer - Sara Strain Professsor Marto - Steve Bispham Benson - Shaun Rose Announcer - Nick price Script Robin G Howard Produced by Dave Sharp A Dave Sharp Production NOW GET THE FREE ILLUSTRATED PDF eBOOK THAT EXPLAINS THE  CHARACTERS and the GALACTIC SPACE AGENCY of the GALACTIC  SPACE POLICE. Lots of GREAT ADVENTURES are AVALABLE. Get YOUR FREE Jim long illustrated Handbook NOW PLUS an extra Jim Long mini-story - MENU ! Email -
Hear the 1st episodeFirst radio Drama adaptation from the 1st book

Disturbance in the celestial realms, planets in disarray, put Jim and crew in mirror body trying to find who is responsible.  Join a journey into fantastic realms of existence. Can they find the answer before the physical and spiritual world collides with a devastating consequence?

BUY NOW FROM AMAZON PLEASE SEND ME MY COMPLIMENTARY COPIES I'm sure you'll agree you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. All my books can be purchased and downloaded by the  secure and trusted Paypal or credit card. Paperback version only Google Play Barnes and Noble (Epub) (Epub) Itunes-Apple SCRIBD An unstable planet in a pre-space  age, extreme theological terrorism,  and the discovery of a 3000 years old  Spacecraft cause chaos & panic.  Jim and crew proceed on a  remarkable adventure pushing them to their utmost limits. LISTEN NOW TO THE JIM LONG SPACE AGENT PODCAST VISIT the NEW WORLDS  of PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL ALIENS & RADIO SITE 5th stand alone story of the series