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Now you know the Characters try the 3rd book in the Series below. A PDF file download With the free reader Can be read on mobiles, tablets, or computer.  epub Versions also  available. Read this exciting 3rd in the series A psychic science fiction fantasy The strange discovery of an ancient buried structure The mysterious darkness found near its centre? The release of a devouring psychic force What is it's purpose? AVAILABLE EBook-instant download Or Paperback Electronic Book (PDF) £3.99 Paperback - £5.99 + P & P RADIO Cast & Credits Jim Long - Aaron Birks Gail Farmer - Kelly Hayes Norman Clark - John Cabrera Computer - Sara Strain Professsor Marto - Steve Bispham Benson - Shaun Rose Announcer - Nick price Script Robin G Howard Produced by Dave Sharp A Dave Sharp Production All Books Available on Kindle All Books available on Shoptly Barnes and Noble Itunes-Apple Google Play SCRIBD (Epub) (Epub)

PDF ebook- Soulgate -temple of souls



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