Disturbance in the celestial realms, planets in disarray, put Jim and crew in mirror body trying to find who is responsible.  Join a journey into fantastic realms of existence. Can they find the answer before the physical and spiritual world collides with a devastating consequence?

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Unknown movements in the celestial realms cause problems and chaos in the physical worlds. Jim is ordered to explore a slowly fermenting and escalating disorderly chaos amongst planets with peaceful, advanced civilisations. He now has to investigate the astral in-depth to find the reasons behind the strange behaviour revealing incredible landscapes conjured and formed into realities that are held together by thought and higher essences of the spiritual species. It is a world of great beauty in streams of light and shade and dark areas of evil thinking and emotion. A mischievous trail of disruption leads to a surprising final outcome.



Just another story in space? Hardly. This is something entirely different. Battle of the Archangels will hit your mind with a barrage of questions.

Because unless you sneak a look at the ending this amazing imaginative story from Robin G Howard will keep you guessing until you reach the final page.

But there is more here than meets the eye. You’ll be captivated to find that Howard’s three young protagonists are as different as chalk to cheese but emanate an unusual camaraderie. Readers will be able to share with them a compelling and thrilling combination of strange worlds, unique aliens and humans, body control, and superpower celestial beings.

Here are 5 things you’ll get when you pick up Battle of the Archangels.

The wondrous spectacle of a crew out-of-body in uncharted celestial realms.

An uneasy journey of a lifetime leading to the edge of existence.

Visions of the phantasmal portal of death with the strange and terrifying cloud of unlife collision between dimensions.

The strange emotions and realities of the astral are revealed and an

advanced civilisation - Physical bodies vibrating from physical to spirit.

What you will find The perfect length  for your next trip or  quiet weekend  at home.

At 317 pages, Battle of the Archangels will fit right into those lazy afternoons when you’re itching for something to read.

A window into a  fascinating future time in galaxy history

Futuristic imaginative-minded readers will enjoy a portrait of what lies ahead in a distant time that offers a welcome escape to another period and place.

Meet the author Robin G Howard

Author Robin G writes both fiction and non-fiction that includes the Jim Long Space Agent series of stand-alone science fiction fantasy stories in seven books revealing the distant future where sections of humankind and aliens have matured spiritually. Also author of the non-fiction ebook - Magical theory of life - discusses our experience, history and its aftermath in non-religious spiritual terms. The Psychic Thinker – Taking a look at ourselves. He witnessed a strange incident that took him into the future. He lives in Margate, Kent, England.

Can you guess  the Identity of  the Archangels?

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