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The Battle of the Archangels is an amazing ride through the astral world. Although it's the fifth book in the Jim Long series, it totally stands alone and readers like me (who have not YET read the previous four) can not only easily follow the storyline but will develop a kinship with the hero, Jim Long. You can feel the author's respect for the sci-fi/fantasy genre in every word. The action is awesome as Jim Long goes deep into dark areas of malevolent thought and emotion to explore the relationship between God, man and Archangels. Terrific read!

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Whether you are a teenager or a more mature reader you will enjoy Battle of the Archangels. Jim Long stands out as he travels the afterlife astral trying to understand the mayhem and chaos reaching down to the physical existence. The touches of humour are fast with pace between Jim and his girlfriend Janine and fellow officer’s Gail farmer and Norman Clarke. A visit to the Akashic records of all time, past and present throws him into an even deeper spin. Good, imaginative and profound, you’ll enjoy it!  …………PW London

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